CBS News conducted a poll to see what Americans think the United States should do in response to North Korea's threats. The results were very divided along party lines. 

Overall they found that eight in ten Democrats oppose threatening military action but nearly two thirds of republicans favor it. After diplomatic means are no longer an option however, the poll found that nearly six in ten Americans said they would then approve of taking military action. 

When asked about President Trump's ability to handle the North Korea nuclear situation, overall 59% said they felt uneasy while 38% felt confident. Looking at the people by party, 77% of Republicans felt confident while 90% of democrats felt uneasy. Independents polled at 39% confident and 57% uneasy. 

The poll was conducted August 16th - August 18th. They contacted 1,223 adults throughout the country at random by telephone. 

You can read the full results of the poll below: