There's a new bike-sharing service called LimeBike near Stateline that's encouraging people to take a short bike ride to get around, rather than taking your car.

There's no lock and key, or bike rack necessary. All you need is the LimeBike app to find one of the bright-green bikes near you. Then you pick the one you like, scan the bike's code, and away you go.

The California based company recently started a 3 month trial period along the shores of South Lake Tahoe, where you can find more than 200 of these LimeBikes near popular spots around town. Marissa Fox with the League to Save Lake Tahoe says the bikes are a cleaner way than cars to get around.

"We think that alternative ways for people to travel around the lake that doesn’t involve private cars really help protect the lake,” said Fox.

Nick Fong is a market launch leader for LimeBike and he says in 1 month, South Tahoe has already seen good usage from customers.

“We get a little more than 105 riders per day, and we've done 3,500 miles of accumulated riding,” said Fong.

Despite the good business, Fong says their bikes are only meant for short quick rides, not long-distance trips.

"With 17 minute median riding time, as well as half a mile riding distance, we're not competing with bike rental shops; we're really competing with cars on the road."

Like any trial period there's a learning curve. For LimeBike, it's about teaching it's users to park each bike in a courteous place, making it easier for the next user to find.

Some LimeBikes have been found in Lake Tahoe waters while others have been in local neighborhood yards. Fong hopes in the future they can better educate riders about a more respectable way to park for the person who rides next.

"Our focus is to make sure this is a cohesive program that works with the community.”

For now, the app will charge you $1.00 to rent a LimeBike for every 30 minutes you ride. However, the first time you rent a bike is free.