Nevada Attorney General Laxalt signed a bipartisan letter urging Congress to confirm that local law enforcement have their traditional jurisdictions when investigating and prosecuting sex trafficking.

In a press release Laxalt explains, "This letter asks Congress to clarify Nevada and other states' authority to investigate and prosecute facilitators of these heinous crimes." 

The Communications Decency Act (CDA) of 1996 is the law that these attorney generals are hoping Congress will take a second look at. In the letter they write that some courts have interpreted the CDA to "render state and local authorities unable to take action against companies that actively profit from the promotion and facilitation of sex trafficking and crimes against children."

They say this problem persists and recent news highlighting has prompted them to write to Congress again.

The signed attorney generals want Congress to amend the CDA to affirm that local authorities "retain their traditional jurisdiction to investigate and prosecute those who facilitate illicit acts and endanger our most vulnerable citizens."

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You can read the full letter below.