With over 500 parking spaces at Sand Harbor, not everyone gets to enjoy the beach, especially on a nice summer day.

By 8:00 a.m. cars are already lined up waiting for the gates to open, but in just a few hours the gates will be closed again due to no parking, "On the weekend we can fill up and close between 9 and 10 sometimes earlier just depends on the traffic and during the weekday just a little bit later," says Park Supervisor Jay Howard. 

This causes people to park and line up there cars on the freeway waiting for the park to re-open, which can cause a huge problem for public safety, "Cars line up on the two lane highway sometimes all the way up to Incline or Hidden Beach which is a 2 to 3 mile line of cars," explains Howard. Trooper Matthew Kaplan with the Nevada Highway Patrol says this can cause a problem for first responders as well, "It is a tremendous problem for public safety, firefighters, emergency service is trying to respond to an emergency and trying to get through this area is extremely problematic for them." 

Last year visitors were able to park in the boat ramp parking, but since there is more water this year the boat ramp is back open, creating less parking spots for passenger vehicles, "We have boat launch now and we know in the past that you could double park but not this year," says Lewis Gross, Sand Harbor's Lead Seal Inspector. 

Officials say the best option is to car pool, come as early as possible, or take the East Shore Express. "After we close there is a way to get in, just go to Incline Village and get on the shuttle," says Howard.

For more information on the East Shore Express visit: HTTP://tahoetransportation.org/eastshoreexpress