The Reno Police Department was ready for this year's Hot August Nights and called the event a success. Now that it's over they've released their final statistics. 

They say that while these arrests took place at Hot August Nights venues, the people may not have been involved in the event. 

Total Arrests: 

42 Misdemeanor

9 Felony

18 Misdemeanor citations

6 Misdemeanor traffic citations

There were 9 additional arrests for soliciting prostitution, 2 for possession of narcotics, and two others for outstanding warrants. 

All of the felony arrests were for possession of a controlled substance. 

The misdemeanor arrests included 3 for marijuana use in public, 10 for open container, 10 for DUI, and one for domestic battery. Some others included littering, jaywalking, panhandling, and obstructing and resisting.