If you’re worried about your child’s school bus being too overcrowded, the Washoe County School District says it should have that issue resolved by today, Friday August 11th.

We called the WCSD who told us that it had some general education buses that were overcrowded for many high school and middle school students the first two days of the new balanced school calendar. A spokesperson says it used previous number counts for bus seating capacity for this year, but since the student population changes every year, some buses were overcrowded.

To correct the issue, the WCSD says it’s adding buses or adjusting stops to help accommodate students. 

The WCSD says bus seats are designed to hold up to three students per manufacturing safety standards. But it says they to keep bus occupancies at 80% or less for high schools, 85% or less for middle schools and 90% or less for elementary schools. 

If a bus is over capacity, some students will be asked to step off the bus and wait for another one, that’s usually about 5 – 10 minutes.