With Reno's growing population, the landscape is changing as well. While some are against housing developments that could possibly change the scenery of Northern Nevada, others are working hard to create more homes. One group called 'Yes in my Backyard', also known as 'YIMBY' spoke at Washoe County Commissioners meeting to support a new housing development proposed off Mount Rose Highway. They believe that these new homes are crucial for Reno, "I think we need to continue building the way we are because that is going to open up the doors for all the already established housing, and that will be those entry level homes, so that does not necessarily mean new developments," says Founder of YIMBY, Christi Quatro. 

YIMBY believes that these new homes will not only allow new families to come into Reno and help build our community, but will also help provide more affordable housing. With Tesla, Apple and Google bringing more jobs to our area, people are looking for better jobs as well, "We still need the opportunity  for people to leave the $300 to $400,000 price houses to $500 to $600,000 types houses and leave the entry work force type houses available," says Aaron West, CEO of Nevada Builders Alliance. The proposed location will have a little over 200 homes in the first phase. 

After hearing both sides the Washoe County Commissioners did approve the development, although it is unclear when construction will start.