A local company is gaining an international reputation for making top of the line coffee roasters.  While they inherited their name, the San Franciscan Roaster Company prides itself in using local materials and talent to create their machines right here in northern Nevada. Today, Channel 2 got a behind the scenes tour.


“It's that simple pleasure,” says Bill Kennedy, the owner and CEO “Every day, every sip, that makes life wonderful”.




Perfect coffee beans make for a perfect cup of coffee.


That requires a not so simple process, says Kennedy.  That's where San Franciscan Roaster Company comes in. “If you want a roaster that will capture those flavors, lock them into the bean and do it in the just the perfect way, you have to have good metallurgy all the way around" says Bill, trying to simplify the complicated process.


So the company makes each machine by hand....from welding...to cutting and forming... Every part of the machine is made in a warehouse in Carson City


This handmade precision comes with a hefty price tag, from $11,000 to $150,000 per roaster. 


An investment worth every penny says Mark Trujillo owner of Reno's popular Hub Coffee Roasters; "Supporting local, of course, ‘cuz that's what we're about, but for us a very reliable machine that we know that can last"


"These roasters are meant to go on and on. They'll be beautiful pieces a hundred years from now" says Kennedy.


Kennedy takes us through the process, from a green seed that first smells a little bit grassy to a perfectly roasted brown bean. The result is a natural fragrance and flavor that has these roaster in high demand


"He's selling all over the world,” Trujillo tells us “We're talking China, Australia, we're talking all these great places"


But for Kennedy there's no place greater than home. The company sources local materials and employees 17 people full time; “….with good Nevada values, the craftsmanship, is exceedingly high".