The Reno Police Department has identified the suspect killed during a deputy-involved shooting in Spanish Springs near Calle de la Plata on Friday morning. 

When the deputy arrived on scene he made contact 35-year-old Cody Stephens, who was inside a GM truck. Given the circumstances, REMSA had also been dispatched to the call. REMSA arrived and medically cleared Stephens as the unidentified deputy investigated the incident. Police say during the course of the investigation it was discovered Stephens possibly had two outstanding warrants for his arrest. They say Stephens gave authorities a fake name to the deputy, so circumstances surrounding these warrants were initially unclear.     
The deputy chose to detain and handcuff Stephens while he continued the investigation. However, Stephens was uncooperative and moved away from the deputy prior to being handcuffed. Police say the deputy pointed a taser at Stephens and issued repeated commands. Stephens dismissed commands and assumed an aggressive stance towards the deputy.   

Police say the deputy deployed his taser causing Stephens to fall to the ground. Police say while on the ground, Stephens removed one of the taser probes, making the taser ineffective. The deputy tried to physically detain Stephens on the ground, but Stephens remained combative and a struggle occurred on the ground. During that struggle, police say Stephens removed the deputy’s radio from his duty belt. Police say Stephens hit the deputy multiple times on his head with the radio. Eventually the two got up to their feet.  

The deputy placed Stephens at gunpoint and gave him verbal commands. Police say Stephens ignored the deputy’s commands and moved toward the deputy’s patrol car, which had the keys in the ignition and contained loaded firearms. Authorities say Stephens opened the driver’s side door and reached near the center console area where a loaded shotgun was stored.  

They say the deputy fired gunshots at Stephens and Stephens died.
Further investigation confirmed Stephens in fact had two outstanding arrest warrants. Additionally, the vehicle Stephens was driving had been reported stolen out of Fallon and the plates were reported stolen out of Sparks.  

At this time it is unknown what role drugs or alcohol may have played in the incident. Toxicology results are pending from the Washoe County Medical Examiner’s Office.  
Police say Stephens did not live in the area and it is unknown at this time why he was in the area.   
The deputy received minor injuries during the incident. He has been placed on paid administrative leave.
As part of the Regional Officer Involved Shooting (OIS) protocol, the Reno Police Department is the lead agency in this investigation and detectives from the Sparks Police Department are assisting with the investigation.  

(Reno Police Department contributed to this report.)