They say one of the greatest gifts you can give is your time and once a year hundreds of northern Nevadan’s donate theirs to the Boys and Girls Clubs of Mason Valley for a huge fundraiser. This week’s Someone 2 Know is a team of people... the Night in the Country volunteers.

The jobs can range from tending bar, to not-so-glamorous trash duty.  With 10,000 to 12,000 guests per day, on festival grounds, there are a lot of jobs to tackle! "We have a lot of people on camp check in, so we need people out there who are willing to volunteer to help man those posts” says Christina Hurt, the Director of Volunteers for the festival.

A total of 400 volunteers are put to work to pull off the three day camping and music extravaganza.  Some began weeks ahead of time preparing the festival grounds, but the vast majority work hot and dusty 12-hour shifts during Night in the Country (NITC).

"It is work, it is,” says Amanda Greene “But there are some lulls that you can sit down in and it's a lot of fun.  You get talking with the people and get to know the people you're working with." This is Amanda’s second year as a volunteer.

Karen Greene, Amanda’s mom, has been volunteering for three years;  "It's so wonderful to hear the stories from the employees about the kids and how much need there is in this area" says Karen.

Night in the Country donates to dozens of local non-profits.  Volunteers are a big part of that with a program called "Give and Get".

Hurt explains how it works,  " They're signing up for hour per hour, so if they do minimum wage, we pay them - well, we don't pay them directly, we pay their non-profit for every hour they work out here."

The volunteers each pick which charity he or she would like the money to go to.

 "I did the Boys and Girls Club of Mason County (sic), actually", says Amanda.  Her mom chose the same. But, there are many recipients, "We have the Walker River Baseball, which is a baseball program that supports kids here in Yerington, we also have the Rotary Club out here, they run one of our booths, the Shriners" says Hurt.

More than 40 charities and non-profits have been helped by the "Give and Get" donations. 

Not only do the volunteers work long hours for no pay, a great many take time off work to be here. " I am,” says Karen “ This is my vacation”, she says laughing. She’s happy to do it.  Her daughter did the same.

"It's just a lot of fun, really. I love the people out here, I love - just the entire vibe," says Amanda.

With so much to do to run a successful music festival of this size, event organizers say it wouldn't happen without the help. This year, the volunteers raised more than $65,000 in donations. 

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