“There are too many students today who are assigned to schools that are no working for them, yet they don’t have the opportunity or the empowerment to make another choice.” 

The signature policy on Education Secretary Betsy DeVos’ wish list is one that Nevadans are pretty familiar with. 

“An Education Savings Account is one of the newer innovations that allows parents to actually customize their child’s education and frankly that’s the direction we’re going to move as a nation.”

ESAs were a topic of heated debate in the Nevada legislature this past session. Alongside those DeVos mentioned easing up federal regulations on states’ education systems and allowing more flexibility for teachers. 

But in the end, it was all about the ESAs.

“Do you have any other messages for Nevada viewers?” I asked. 

“I would just say – figure out a way to get that ESA implemented. I know that was a big disappointment in not getting it funded this year, and I would encourage the legislators there to get that done on behalf of the thousands of families who are in a queue waiting for one of those.”

Meanwhile, the head of the Environmental Protection Agency, Scott Pruitt, also had a message for Nevadans, especially those interested in the future of nuclear power and Yucca Mountain. 

“When you turn on electricity across the country, that’s done through oil, natural gas, renewables, coal, nuclear. And we need to have a diverse power grid to make sure that we keep costs as competitive as possible. “

Pruitt is pro-nuclear power, pro-business and anti-regulation if it cuts down on economic growth. In fact, most of his answers we’re more focused on the business side of environmental policy. The EPA was among the first for budget cuts under the Trump Administration, but Pruitt says that won’t hurt their ability to do their job and he says that assertions that they’re not going to safeguard air and water quality across the nation and in Nevada is just part of a ‘false narrative.’ 

“We look forward to working with Governor (Brian) Sandoval. In fact, we’ve been working with him on many issues, there in Nevada. We see this as a partnership with the state of Nevada.”