It's pretty clear that people have missed playing in the Truckee River. On Friday, kids, dogs and families enjoyed the water in just about every fashion the river has to offer.

Taking a flotation device down the Truckee is an activity that still requires a certain degree of attentiveness despite the river’s slower flows.

Claire Breyton and her family rented inner tubes early Friday morning, and took them for a spin down the river. She described feeling safe on the two hour trip, but says the right equipment helped give her that peace of mind.

"It's just an extra safety precaution, you're able to relax more, something to hold on to in case you get flipped out,” says Breyton.

Dave Cochran with the Reno Fire Department says that's really all city officials are asking for, especially since the river is still cold and unpredictable with rocks and other hazards scattered throughout.

"Some people are under the impression that wearing a life jacket is not cool and that's the attitude that can get you in trouble,” says Cochran. “A lot of that is going to be unseen, it's going to be underwater, you won't know it’s there until you step on it or get caught in it, so always use caution and always bring that personal protective equipment."

Another thing to remember is that the Truckee River now has mile markers along the banks. All river floaters are encouraged to use the mile markers to inform first responders of a location if something goes wrong.