"Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth."  - Muhammad Ali

Most non-profits and charities will tell you they simply could not stay in businesses without the support of their volunteers. And although they never do it for the praise, there are some volunteers who go above and beyond - and are worth recognizing -  like this week's Someone 2 Know Clyde Takahashi.

We got to visit with him at the Food Bank of Northern Nevada, just one of the places he volunteers.

Takahashi shows us what he’s wearing today. "Volunteer/volunteer mentor - they gave me a t-shirt," he says, laughing.

The friendly smile and warm, positive energy are the first things you'll notice about Clyde Takahashi. He started volunteering for the Food Bank 17 years ago while he was working at Washoe County School District.

"We co-sponsored programs,” Takahashi explains, “Feeding programs for kids and during my tenure there, we really grew them."

Takahashi says he quickly began to appreciate the work being done by the Food Bank, but especially the folks putting in the work.

"As a volunteer, I was like a kid looking into the candy store,” says Clyde, “These people are so passionate about what they do and I wanted to be part of that".

“If anything we fight over Clyde," Jocelyn Lantrip, Director of Marketing & Communications for the Food Bank, “We want him to work on our event or our program, everyone here wants Clyde to be their volunteer."

Takahashi really likes volunteering for events where food is distributed to the community - like Mobile Harvests. Meeting food bank clients face-to-face - children that remind him of the ones he got to know working in the schools.

"I personally came into contact with kids who hadn't eaten the whole weekend."

" …and knew he wanted to be a part of helping children like that little girl that he saw,” adds Jocelyn.

After 10 years of volunteering for the food bank, Takahashi was hired as the organization's Chief Operating Officer. He retired recently and couldn't wait to get back in the trenches.

"So many people, all in one place; deeply, deeply committed to what they're doing. I just wanted in," says Takahashi, beaming.

If you'd like to try your hand at volunteering ... This weekend the Food Bank is holding their Summer of Service event - open to all ages - this Saturday, July 22 from 11 am – 1 pm.  There will be food and carnival game for participants.

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