Thanks to the Detwiler Fire burning in California, near Yosemite, it's been pretty smoky around here. The air quality reached the unhealthy range in Reno and Sparks Wednesday morning, and it was hazardous farther south. 

"Locally around here down into Carson Valley, Douglas County has been the worst air quality we've seen this AM," said meteorologist Tony Fuentes from the National Weather Service. 

When it's unhealthy anyone can be affected and should limit physical activity, and when it's hazardous all outdoor activities should be avoided. Not the best day to go run a few miles. People with respiratory problems, as well as the young and elderly are the most at risk. 

"It just hurts my eyes sometimes. Dries them out and gets them all red," said Sam Nutter. 

The smoke and haze will more than likely be the worst in the nighttime and morning hours. With a stagnant pattern, the smoke could be with us for a few days. The GOES 16 satellite image is a new tool meteorologists can look at with a much better resolution. The old satellite could still pick up on smoke, but was not nearly as clear. This new tool will help in fire forecasting. 

REMSA is keeping busy as well. They've seen an above average number of incidents related to respiratory illness this past week alone. 

"Yesterday actually we saw an increase from our average that we respond to. Limit your exposure outdoors, if inside close windows, change filter if have to be outside definitely do not exercise," said Adam Heinz of REMSA. 

The smoke can affect everyone differently, so make sure to listen to your body and go inside if you need to.