A Senate subcommittee has advanced legislation without including funding for Yucca Mountain in it.

The bill that cleared the Senate's Energy and Water Appropriations subcommittee Tuesday doesn't include $120 million in funding the Department of Energy requested for Yucca Mountain.

A House committee passed a bill earlier this month that does include the funding.

The Senate's bill includes funding for the Department of Energy to store waste a private facilities licensed by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. 

The full Senate Appropriations Committee is expected to consider the legislation on Thursday. 

“This is a positive first step in a long fight to ensure that Yucca Mountain remains dead,” said Sen. Dean Heller (R). “I will continue to stand with the State of Nevada every step of the way and reiterate to this administration and to my colleagues in Congress: Nevada will not serve as the nation’s nuclear waste dump.” 

Rep. Dina Titus (D) released this statement: 

“Republicans in the House should pay attention to the Senate and revisit their efforts to fund a dangerous and misguided project that is based on bad politics and even worse science. As has been shown time and again, along with Secretary Rick Perry and the Trump Administration, they refuse to recognize our state’s opposition to this unworkable project.”