The SouthEast Connector project linking Sparks to south Reno is several years in the making and inching closer and closer to completion. The seventh and final bridge is getting close to being done. 

“This bridge and the paving up to it are the last stages of major construction,” said Garth Oksol, Engineering Manager.

Once crews finish building the last and most structurally complex bridge, there are a few more things to do including paving, striping, and adding guardrails to the rest of the 5.5 mile long project.

Another big part of the SouthEast Connector is the 80 acre wetland complex. It's finished with 8 foot tall fences to keep deer and horses off the road. Almost 700 cottonwood trees are set to be planted.

“We're watering them with groundwater so when it comes time to plant them, they'll already be used to our weather environment here, local soil conditions, as well as the water conditions they will be experiencing.”

If it weren't for major flooding that hampered progress on the project during last fall and winter, the SouthEast Connector would be done this fall. Now, they are shooting for spring of 2018.

Even with things looking pretty promising at the construction site, getting necessary permits will take months before the project can officially open and help an estimated 50,000 drivers a day.

"Even though the project is done, we're not completely done."

The project will run from the intersection of Sparks Boulevard and Greg Street in the north, to South Meadows Parkway and Veterans Parkway in the south.