It's been just 11 days since recreational marijuana went on sale in Reno and now dispensaries are starting to run out of product at their stores. Now the governor is stepping in to help with the supply chain.

Governor Brian Sandoval signed some emergency regulations that will help dispensaries get more product. The issue is not that there isn't any product to sell. Dispensary officials tell us that they have stockpiles in their warehouses and production facilities. They are just not licensed to transport it to their stores. That's because the liquor distributors are fighting to have exclusive rights to distribution as written in the ballot measure voters passed in November. But so far none of them have completed the licensing. So, right now there's no way for dispensaries to access their own goods.

The emergency regulations now go to the Nevada Department of Taxation for approval since that's the body that currently regulates recreational marijuana. If they approve it then the dispensaries will essentially get to be their own distributors.

Part of the strain is that business has been even busier than the dispensaries expected. They all say they knew there would be a rush, but it's been at least twice as much as they thought.

At Sierra Wellness Connection, they're seeing 500 people per day.  "We'll have a couple more weeks of inventory, but all the dispensaries throughout Southern Nevada, Northern Nevada, it's going to be tough, because we're not going to have any product to sell,” says Claudio Ituirriaga.

At Mynt Cannabis they say they're doing close to 11 times their previous amount of sales. They're hoping that this emergency measure will come through, so they can keep on selling. "It's absolutely ridiculous that we are waiting to bring product from our own warehouses and we can't do it because of this distribution issue. So the governor is stepping in for us and I think he's going to get it done,” says Joey Gilbert.

There are 47 licensed retail marijuana stores statewide. 

(The Associated Press, Nevada Governor's Office also contributed to this report.)