Sports fans at Greater Nevada Field ( often attend sporting events wearing shirts, hats and jerseys with Aces and Reno 1868 FC designs.

Those creations are the handiwork of just one Reno local - merchandise manage and graphic designer Andre Moyce.

Even though you can see his creations all over town, Moyce says he sometimes has to remind himself to pick his head up from the drawing board and look at the work he's created. 

The crowd cheering at a Reno 1868 soccer match, wearing an ocean of blue, or Aces fans proudly donning the team's signature caps would probably say they’ve never heard of him.

Well, he'd probably prefer it that way. Andre is as quiet and unassuming as his work space at the ballpark. If you look behind the register at the team shop, you might see Moyce in there, working on his next design.

He starts the traditional way - with a sketch pad.

"I kinda put together a drawing that I think people will like,” he says, “Progress from there, get it digitized because everything is digital and the end product ends up on our wall here.”

And there are a lot of products to choose on the walls, shelves and racks at the team shop. Every two weeks Moyce cranks out new designs. It’s a process...

“I spend a lot of time looking into what specific brands are doing, seeing what everyone thinks is gonna be popular in the future, what's trending color-wise, kinda cater to that," explains Andre.

Moyce got his start working in sports retail when he was 16. One day he was asked to help with a t-shirt design. “I would just go home and learn whatever it is that I needed to learn. It if was Photoshop, I went out and I bought Photoshop, and taught myself. If it was Illustrator, I’d get it and figure it out”

There are some strict guidelines when it comes to official colors or a partnering company's logo - like Nike ...otherwise Andre is free to put his creativity to work. If the popularity of the merchandise is any indication, his designs are hitting the mark.

Director of Marketing for Greater Nevada Field, Audrey Hill agrees. "I don't think you can go anywhere in this town and not see an Aces logo and now that 1868 is coming into the community, you're gonna see more of that."

"It's really a gratifying feeling,” says Andre “It's just nice to see that everybody's happy with what comes out."