For only the fourth time in resort history, Squaw Valley was open for skiing and boarding on the Fourth of July.

"This is my first time skiing on the Fourth, so pretty amped about that," Katie Dill of Truckee said, between runs. "It's awesome. Conditions are great, vibes are even better. There's good people out here, so we are just having a blast."

"It's ridiculous," San Pedro resident Maddy Post said. "There's nothing better, man. Like I was tanning yesterday and now I get to snowboard in my tank top."

If it weren't for the bikinis and shorts, anyone looking at the mountain would have thought those were peak of the season crowds up at Squaw Valley Tuesday. Open terrain was limited, but hundreds of enthusiastic, American-flag-clad skiers and boarders crowded down the hill anyway. The novelty of summer skiing, and the proximity to Lake Tahoe, make for an appealing combination: a morning on the mountain and an afternoon on the beach.    

"We've got skiing in the morning, lake in the afternoon," Dill said, "and then filled with friends for the rest of the evening, and fireworks, so it's a great Fourth of July!"

"Like, the best thing ever," Post said. "Like, I couldn't ask for anything more in my whole life. Like, complete. Life, complete."

For the first time ever, Squaw Valley plans to stay open for skiing on Saturdays this summer as long as conditions allow.