Carson city resident, Mary Musick-Moon fears that her husband will lose his Anthem health insurance coverage he found through the ACA Marketplace. 

Having a kidney transplant more than three decades ago, he still requires continuous care, treatment and medication. 

Mary is concerned they will no longer be able to afford if Anthem pulls their coverage from 14 rural Nevada counties. 

As many as 8,000 Nevadans could also lose their coverage if this plan goes forward. This story originally broke on Wednesday. To see our previous, comprehensive report, click here.  

Mary tells us even with his Anthem insurance, her husband has to pay more than $100 in a copay for a regular doctor's visit. Having three doctors he needs to see on a regular basis for his kidney illness, paying out of pocket is not even an option for them. 

Anthem is one of several carriers not planning to cover several Nevada counties. As it stands now, Anthem coverage through the marketplace will only cover Washoe, Nye and Clark Counties beginning next year.

This is, in part, due to concerns of what some carriers say is 'instability' at the federal level. Heather Korbulic, Executive Director for Silver State Health Insurance Exchange says, "Insurance carriers nationally and here in NV have been very concerned about getting assurances that they'll be paid cost sharing reductions."

While this announcement is still developing, Korbulic says they are actively working with multiple organizations on a state and federal level to work out a solution. 

Those organizations include the Department of Health and Human Services, Division of Insurance, Governor Sandoval's Office as well as state lawmakers and federal delegates. 

Hoping for cooperation and a solution, she adds the carriers' withdrawal is not yet technically set in stone, "Carriers have until September 20th to make changes to their applications."

If worse comes to worst, however, Korbulic says she at least hopes to work out a type of safety net for Nevadans facing coverage loss. 

She noted the Access to Healthcare Network, which is a program offering medical discount rates. While it is only a program and not necessarily insurance, she says they have already contracted with almost every clinic and hospital in rural Nevada to help those residents out. 

She also told us that, in case of emergency medical situations, emergency rooms will always accept patients, although it is not an ideal form of healthcare. 

Silver State also has call center where residents in these counties can call for resources or assistance. That number is 855-768-5465.

If you'd like to visit their website, click here.