Rick Perry clarified on Wednesday about remarks he made on Tuesday in front of a House Subcommittee about possible nuclear waste in Nevada.

Perry said, "There are no plans for interim storage at this particular time for interim storage in New Mexico, Nevada or Texas or any other site. Any such plans would obviously require coordination with [Congress], with the federal, state and local officials."

Governor Brian Sandoval issued the following statement in response to United States Secretary of Energy Rick Perry’s opening remarks in front of the Senate Energy & Water Subcommittee.

“I appreciate Secretary Perry clarifying his comments and agree the issue of nuclear waste is one that has vexed the nation. I encourage the Secretary to pursue consent-based interim storage solutions, and to review Senate legislation, co-authored by Senator Heller, that lays out a politically and scientifically viable plan for a long-term, consent-based, permanent solution.”

On Wednesday, Rep. Dina Titus of Nevada’s First Congressional District issued the following statement following Energy Secretary Rick Perry’s testimony in front of the Senate Committee on Appropriations.

“Secretary Perry tried walking back his statements from yesterday, but the devil is in the details. While Perry says there are no plans to put an interim storage facility in Nevada, Radical pro-Yucca Mountain lawmakers have legislation that would allow the Trump Administration’s Department of Energy to do so. Secretary Perry says he wants to work together on nuclear waste issues. Well, he should start by advocating for my bill to mandate that a community must consent before the federal government tries to build a repository in its backyard.”