Reno-Tahoe International Airport plans to open their first-ever passenger lounge. Similar to the ones offered by airlines, but open to all passengers - for a fee.

"This is something our business travelers expect and as we bring these companies like Google, Tesla and Apple to our community, it's the kind of amenity that our airport needs to offer,” says Brian Kulpin, Vice President of Marketing and Public Affairs with Reno-Tahoe International Airport.

"For delays it's pretty important, I'm a loyal Delta flyer so I always use the Delta lounge,” business traveler Jamie Niu tells us

The Escape Lounge will look similar to existing ones in other cities (, but with more of the “Modern Mountain” motif already present at Reno-Tahoe International

 "This is a common use lounge,” explains Kulpin, “anybody from any airline can pay a daily fee or if you have Platinum American Express, it is part of the amenities you get with that program."

The current art gallery and children's play areas will be relocated to accommodate the new lounge, upstairs past security. The $1 million price tag is being paid for by a private company. The daily fee would be $40 to $45 for guests, but the business travelers we spoke with say, it's worth it.

"Yeah, quiet and comfortable and if I can power up my electronics and sit for a little while, I'd definitely use it,” says John Stone who was traveling from Denver.

"It’s really open to everyone. We'll have local flavors with a local chef, local brews and wines, it’ll really have that Tahoe flavor to it,” says Kulpin.

The goal is to have the lounge up and running at the airport by winter, preferably by the holiday travel season.