From the Office of Governor Brian Sandoval:

Governor Brian Sandoval has signed 11 pieces of legislation into law including a measure codifying a 5% bidding preference for Nevada businesses for State purchasing projects, a cyber-bullying prohibition expansion, and a law establishing a hospital star rating system.

Assembly Bill 280 was sponsored by Assemblyman Jason Frierson and Assemblywoman Jill Tolles and establishes a 5% bidding preference for State purchasing contracts submitted by Nevada-based businesses. This measure passed both houses unanimously. 

Senate Bill 225, sponsored by Senator David Parks, expands the bullying legislation passed in 2015 by specifying that the prohibition on bullying and cyber-bullying policies apply to all public schools, including charter schools. This bill also requires the Department of Education to include training related to disabilities, students with autism spectrum disorders, among others.

Senate Bill 482 was sponsored by Senator Patricia Spearman and calls for the Division of Public and Behavioral Health to post on its website the most recent Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS) star ratings for hospitals. It also requires the Division to develop a system for hospital staffing ratios on a State “star” rating system.

The Governor signed the following bills into law:

Assembly Bill 183

Senate Bill 225

Assembly Bill 280

Senate Bill 467

Assembly Bill 371

Senate Bill 468

Assembly Bill 399

Senate Bill 478

Assembly Bill 475

Senate Bill 482

Senate Bill 554

From the Office of Governor Brian Sandoval.