At Great Basin Brewing, the company has topped off at the amount of beer the state has allowed them to produce. Tom Young, the owner of Great Basin, says a new Nevada law will change those restrictions soon.

"We're starting to move forward to see if we can catch up with some of these other states around us."

On Monday, Governor Sandoval signed SB431. The bill allows local breweries to increase their beer production from 15,000 to 40,000 barrels per calendar year. Young says he’s been fighting for this kind of legislation to pass for years.

"We're standing in places where more of these fermentation tanks can go and we've designed this brewery to do that, by simply adding tanks, we have all the infrastructure to do more beer."

Young says the new bill won't just help the larger, more established businesses like Great Basin, but it will also give more opportunities for the smaller breweries too.      

The Union just opened its doors in Carson City on Thursday. The new business is already serving food and pouring beer, but general manager Nick Meyer says they don't have the licensing to brew their own just yet.

"Our main goal is to hopefully be brewing beer by the fall."

Meyer says because SB431 was signed just as The Union opened, maybe one day the company will plan for more large scale brewing.

"Our goal at least from the start in this particular brewery is to brew enough to supply the restaurant with our own beers,” says Meyer. "Just the fact that we know that we can get as big as we want to is incredibly exciting."