Governor Brian Sandoval signed 71 bills into law this week and vetoed 7, including a minimum wage increase for the Silver State. As we reported at the close of the session Senate Bill 106 proposes that Nevada raise the minimum wage from $8.25 to $12 over five years, going up 75 cents a year. 

The Senate did pass the bill on May 17th with all Republican Senators voting opposed.  Monday June 5th the Assembly voted in favor, 27-15 along party lines. 

Here's a list from the Governor's office of the major bills signed into law:

Senate Bill 529 is a supplemental appropriations bill for more than $2.4 million to the Division of Emergency Management for costs associated with emergency responses to major flood events in Washoe, Elko, and Douglas Counties and Carson City. 

Assembly Bill 498 appropriates more than $350,000 to cover the costs associated with the Division of Emergency Management establishing a joint field office to work with the Federal Emergency Management Agency during the major flood events during 2017. 

Assembly Bill 511 is an Executive Agency budget bill and was introduced during Governor Sandoval’s State of the State address. AB511 provides $20 million to keep the promise of the Millennium Scholarship for Nevada students. 

Assembly Bill 97 requires law enforcement agencies to turn over sexual assault forensic kits for texting within 30 days and requires the lab to test the kits within 120 days upon receiving them. AB97 appropriates $3 million to the Nevada Attorney General to enter into inter-local agreements to help pay for the costs associated with testing. This law is aimed at ensuring a backlog of the kits does not develop in Nevada again.

Senate Bill 192 was sponsored by Assemblywoman Amber Joiner and expands the hours of operation for mobile units operated by the Division of Public and Behavioral Health to provide mental health services in Clark and Washoe County. The bill requires mobile units to be available from 8 a.m. – 12 a.m., 7 days a week. 

Senate Bill 391 established the “Nevada Promise Scholarships” as sponsored by Senator Mo Denis. This is aligned with the Governor’s vision of ensuring more of Nevada’s students are on a path to a post-secondary credential or degree.

The complete list is below:

Senate Bill 532           Assembly Bill 395      Senate Bill 178           Assembly Bill 434
Senate Bill 537           Assembly Bill 268      Senate Bill 187           Assembly Bill 493
Senate Bill 551           Assembly Bill 366      Senate Bill 192           Assembly Bill 498
Senate Bill 448           Assembly Bill 377      Senate Bill 249           Assembly Bill 499
Senate Bill 402           Assembly Bill 417      Senate Bill 257           Assembly Bill 500
Senate Bill 49             Assembly Bill 440      Senate Bill 300           Assembly Bill 501
Senate Bill 124           Assembly Bill 470      Senate Bill 373           Assembly Bill 502
Senate Bill 132           Assembly Bill 286      Senate Bill 377           Assembly Bill 503
Senate Bill 149           Assembly Bill 380      Senate Bill 391           Assembly Bill 504
Senate Bill 213           Assembly Bill 468      Senate Bill 444           Assembly Bill 511
Senate Bill 303           Assembly Bill 492      Senate Bill 445           Assembly Bill 512
Senate Bill 355           Assembly Bill 491      Senate Bill 543           Assembly Bill 519
Senate Bill 361           Assembly Bill 94        Senate Bill 549           Assembly Bill 520
Senate Bill 320           Assembly Bill 97        Senate Bill 550           Assembly Bill 521
Senate Bill 400           Assembly Bill 388      Senate Bill 503           Senate Bill 528
Senate Bill 126           Assembly Bill 397      Senate Bill 522           Senate Bill 529
Senate Bill 155           Assembly Bill 423      Senate Bill 527           Senate Bill 530
Senate Bill 167           Assembly Bill 497      Senate Bill 531

The bills governor Sandoval vetoed are below:

Assembly Bill 382
Assembly Bill 403
Assembly Bill 303
Senate Bill 464
Senate Bill 106
Senate Bill 427
Assembly Bill 348