A group of community members and business leaders are calling on Governor Sandoval to support a renewable energy bill currently sitting on his desk. 

Assembly Bill 206 would raise the percentage of energy Nevada gets from renewable resources. Specifically, the bill states that by 2030 each energy provider in the state will be required to "generate, acquire, or save electricity from renewable energy resources" for at least 40% of the electricity they sell to retail customers. 

'Renewable energy' is not exclusively solar energy. 

The bill passed the Assembly 30-12 in May and the Senate 12-9 on Monday, June 5th. The Senate vote was along party lines with the democrats in favor but support did cross the aisle in the Assembly with republican members James Oscarson, Keith Pickard and Jill Tolles voting in favor. 

"After months of hard work with the Governor's office, stakeholders, and business leaders - including Apple, Tesla, and MGM - I am proud that this important piece of legislation is finally heading to Governor Sandoval's desk," Assemblyman Chris Brooks wrote following the vote. "By achieving 40% use of clean, renewable energy by 2030, we can guarantee prosperity for years to come and make sure Nevada's future is bright."

On Tuesday morning RenewNV held a press conference at the legislature. They said that they had a petition with more than 7,000 signatures to deliver to Governor Sandoval  asking that sign the bill into law. 

There is no word yet if Governor Sandoval intends to sign the bill.