On Saturday, children and their families headed out to the Sparks Marina for "Kids Free Fishing Day." Attendees had the opportunity to fish without a fishing license or trout stamp.

The event was sponsored by Nevada Bighorns Unlimited, The Sparks Rotary, in cooperation with the Nevada Department of Wildlife (NDOW), City of Sparks Parks and Recreation and the local Safari Club International.

In addition to every kid getting a free t-shirt and fishing pole, there were booths and representatives from the Sparks Fire Department, Sparks Police Department, Sheriff’s Department and the Coast Guard.  They say thousands of dollars’ worth of prizes and fishing gear were handed out at the event. 

NDOW and the City of Sparks Parks and Recreation Department placed a net in the marina in a special kids section where they stocked it with 4,000 trout in the netted area, in the effort to increase the chances of catching fish.

Keller adds that even if you couldn't make it out to Sparks Marina this morning, “Remember, Free Fishing Day is statewide. People are allowed to fish in any public fishing water in the state without needing a fishing license or trout stamp.  We want people to get out there and check out all the great waters that Nevada has to offer, and maybe if you like what you see, you will think about buying a license for the year or a short term permit.”