The 2017 Legislature will finish Monday, June 4th, and lawmakers are working all weekend to get their bills passed. A few favorable bills passed the Senate Floor, including Senate Bill (S.B) 391.

S.B. 391, also known as the Nevada Promise Scholarship, is considered a last minute scholarship, "People who are really caught in the middle who don't have financial assistance and are just leaving high school and trying to go to college it will help them get a financial leg under them to afford community college in Nevada," explains Sen. Ben Kieckhefer. 

After students have applied for FASFA and other financial aid, then they are able to apply for this grant, but they have to do some work, "Actuality it is not free, because you have to do the community service, you have to work with the mentor. So there is things you have to do," says Sen. Mo Denis. 

Another bill that passed will help protect students from predators, Assembly Bill (A.B) 362  will require a full background check no teachers before hiring them, "If there is an investigation on a teacher that has been dismissed because of sexual conduct that those schools can communicate to one each other and covered from any liability," says Assem. Jill Tolles. 

Currently predators are not found through background checks unless they are registered as a sex offender, this bill will require employers to speak to other schools in the district about recent misconduct on that specific teacher, "It closes the communication loophole essentially, making sure that when we have someone that come into our schools that we do a thorough investigation. Making sure that they do not have any open allegations of sexual misconduct," explains Tolles. 

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