Governor Brian Sandoval signs 15 more bills into law on Friday and vetoes one.

Sponsored by Senator Parks, Senate Bill 185 is a consumer protection bill safeguarding a person's ability to share their opinion about a product or service that could be limited by a standard contract. The measure prevents a vendor from including a provision in their standard contract waiving a consumer's rights to provide a review, comment, or other statement concerning the purchased goods or service.

Assembly Bill 260 allows some judges to suspend a person's sentence who is convicted of a misdemeanor for solicitation of prostitution on the condition that they comply with conditions from the court including participation in a treatment program. 

The Nevada Pregnant Workers’ Fairness Act, Senate Bill 253, provides protections to female employees similar to those of the federal Pregnancy Discrimination Act. 

The Governor signed the following bills into law:

Assembly Bill 251
Senate Bill 136
Assembly Bill 253
Senate Bill 185
Assembly Bill 260
Senate Bill 227
Assembly Bill 314
Senate Bill 253
Assembly Bill 346
Senate Bill 383
Assembly Bill 356
Senate Bill 411
Assembly Bill 372
Senate Bill 420
Assembly Bill 424

The Governor vetoed Senate Bill 265