We were at the first "Stars and Stripes Honor March", where several veterans called on northern Nevadans to remember the sacrifices their buddies made.

It was a far cry from the smoke and gunfire of Desert Storm to the picturesque scene at Sparks Marina. That's where we met Army veteran Kirby Reed. He was quiet and soft-spoken when it came to his experiences, but eager to let those of us who were safe at home know about his friends who paid the price. Looking over the crowd of walkers that would take part in this first ever “Honor March,” he told us, “I’m Proud today. A little beat up. I’ve been through a lot of operations but doing well."

Today (Monday), Kirby was joined by hundreds of others who all know, some by personal experience, the true sacrifice by those who gave full measure. Who was he thinking of at the marina? “A young friend of mine Scotty, who was killed in a very violent way in a training accident."

A few feet from Kirby was Vietnam War nurse Linda Dickinson. She told us she was remembering, “A couple of nurses that were stationed in Vietnam." Linda was wearing the patriotic clothing she does every Memorial Day, but it comes with a lot of pain. Emotion took over when she saw the Vietnam War memorial in Washington, D.C.: "And it was very hard to see the names of people we know, and know they had died during the war."

Next to Linda, her husband, Air Force vet John Dickinson, lost a whole crew of buddies…8 of them including the pilot, who went down in their helicopter during the Vietnam War. So it never becomes a forgotten war, these days he goes to events like this with a table full of information, "For their sacrifices and support of our country, and our military." Both are now involved with local Vietnam Veteran Chapter 989.

Memorial Day honors the dead who fought tyranny and paid the ultimate price with their lives. It also honors those who are still living, but lost the life they had. Many have seen that side among their former comrades…several we spoke to knew many. Kirby Reed told us, "A good friend of mine who lives here in town named Kevin, he left a lot of himself over there. And he did a lot for his country, and a lot of people will never know what he ever did."

For all, it’s a day of remembering those fellow soldiers…the millions who fought for this country in war after war and the hundreds of thousands who lost their lives. For U.S. Navy veteran Dwayne Meyer, who had stories from his time in the Persian Gulf, it was a good day...to have those who never served come out in support, ask him questions, thank him, and even have their picture taken with him. He told us, “This day, this Honor March is not about the personal beliefs of the United States government. It's about supporting the veterans who actually served this country and gave their lives for it."

This first ever Stars and Stripes Honor March was a 5k, raising money for a new Nevada veterans memorial plaza in Sparks. If you’re interested in helping that cause, click the link below: