The Reno Fire Department has rescued three people from the Truckee River.

According to officials on scene, three people on personal floatation devices overturned at around 5:30 p.m. near Chalk Bluff. Reno Fire responded within 6 minutes, and all three were rescued with no injuries, Two of the people had made their way close to the shore and were tangled in the weeds.

Crews continue to warn residents about the dangers of the Truckee River. "The river is running extremely fast, it's very cold. It's about 45 degrees," said James Leonesio of the Reno Fire Department. "When they do fall in the water, they only have a couple minutes of muscle memory and muscle motor skills to effectively swim and get somewhere they need to be going."

Officials also say to make sure you are prepared for how fast and cold the river is running, and always prepare for things to go wrong. "Wear thermal protection, please wear a life jacket. Have some shoes on, wear a helmet. Have a talking point too, meaning when you get to the end of the river, have a rally point where you're going to meet someone, or if someone does gets out early, you have a way to communicate, and have a backup plan too."

The Reno Police Department and REMSA also assisted in the rescue.