Governor Brian Sandoval Saturday signed several bills into law including measures that will provide voters with physical disabilities more accommodations at polling locations, codify into state law existing regulations allowing for eSports betting and wagering on other specific events, and allow the authorization of a funding stream for enhancements to Nevada state parks and museums.

“Ensuring access to polling locations for all Nevadans, maintaining an innovative gaming system and preserving our state’s heritage are all worthy causes that I am proud to support,” said Governor Sandoval. “The bills signed into law today demonstrate further bipartisan progress resulting from this session. I am committed to continue working with legislative leadership to conclude the state’s business on time.”

Senate Bill 117 was sponsored by Senator James Settelmeyer and requires polling location to offer a separate line for voters with disabilities who are not physically able to wait in line to vote, and allows those voters to vote before others who are not physically disabled. This measure passed unanimously and will be effective October 1, 2017.

Senate Bill 240 was sponsored by Senator Becky Harris who worked with the Boyd Law School gaming Law Policy section and clarifies the definition of “other events” in order to permit wagering on events such as eSports, award ceremonies, and must be consistent with current Gaming Control Board Regulations. This measure does not include elections. 

Senate Bill 37 is an executive agency bill that authorizes the renewal fee on NV 150 license plates to be equally divided between the Divisions of Museums and History of the Department of Tourism and Cultural Affairs and the Division of State Parks of the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources. The funds must be used for educational programs related to the history of Nevada and other projects that promote and protect our state’s heritage.

Governor Sandoval signed the following measures:

Assembly Bill 62                                                        Assembly Bill 65

Assembly Bill 393                                                      Assembly Bill 435

Assembly Bill 439                                                      Assembly Bill 459

Assembly Bill 192                                                      Assembly Bill 301

Assembly Bill 365                                                      Assembly Bill 464

Senate Bill 54                                                             Senate Bill 78

Senate Bill 117                                                           Senate Bill 182

Senate Bill 188                                                           Senate Bill 195

Senate Bill 240                                                           Senate Bill 37

Senate Bill 513

The Office of Governor Brian Sandoval contributed to this report.