The Nevada State Public Charter School Authority and Nevada Connections Academy have reached an agreement that allows the NCA to keep its charter for the next two years. 

The unanimous decision was made on Wednesday in Carson City.

In the agreement and informal disposition, NCA has agreed to be held accountable to the same graduation rate as every other high school in Nevada – the graduation rate calculated by the Nevada Department of Education.

NCA has also agreed to minimum bench marks to achieve graduation rates of 49% in 2018 and 60% in 2019. 

Nevada Connections Academy understands that if minimum benchmarks are not met it will be required to reduce its high school cap to 1,200 students should it fail to meet the interim graduation rate benchmark of 49%. If it fails to achieve the agreed upon minimum graduation rates, rates proposed by the school, the school's charter may not be renewed in 2020. 

The online charter school serves as an alternative for kindergarten through 12th grade students who struggle in traditional, public schools.

Nevada state law gives charter authorizers the authority to revoke a charter if a school’s high school graduation rate is below 60%. 

Reporter Ryan Canaday will have more details during tonight's newscasts. 

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Meanwhile, three non-profit charter school organizations have initiated the process to launch schools in the Nevada Achievement School District in the fall of 2018. All three schools intend to open as a neighborhood option for students currently attending Rising Stars Schools that are eligible for the Nevada Achievement School District.