Home security is not just smarter than ever, but more affordable too. On May 10th a burglary suspect tiptoed through a south Reno home, while the residents slept upstairs. Luckily, the homeowners security camera caught the whole thing on film.

Sergeant John Silver with the Reno Police Department says footage like this, can help them solve crimes.

“We're able to locate them before they realize they've been identified in the case," says Silver.

He says home surveillance videos have proven to help find suspects, so now police are recommending people buy security cameras.

"It's becoming more and more frequent where people are calling because they're able to see somebody on surveillance cameras either in their house or outside their house," says Silver.

Daniel Stanfill, a sales manager at Best Buy, says nowadays there's a security system for anyone's needs. He says as more products are released, costs are going down. Security cameras at Best Buy can start under $100.

"We're not looking at hundreds or thousands of dollars for a home security setup like maybe what you would expect," says Stanfill.

Today’s technology is a wide range of indoor and outdoor cameras; some can be installed right into a doorbell. The most popular products can allow homeowners to watch burglaries as they happen.

"If someone is delivering a package, you get an alert because you'd detect the motion,” says Stanfill. “Then if it detects any more motion, you can see if someone is there trying to mess with it."

Stanfill says while summer could be a good time to install surveillance, security systems tend to sell well during the holidays.