Most maps are big enough to fit inside a book, but one traveling map is big enough to fill a room. Students at Bordewich Bray Elementary are loving the hands on learning. The map is designed by National Geographic,is thirty-five by twenty-six feet, is made of vinyl, and will be walked on and used by thousands of kids throughout the country. It was teacher Rachel Croft's idea to bring the map to their school. 

"My favorite is when they sit down and then they turn around and look at it and go wow. They're so excited there's something big and get to be on it," said Croft. 

The map is quite accurate and gives students a good idea of where everything is.

"So many of them have said to me Alaska is so far away, is that part of the United States?," said Croft. 

As well as the distance between different spots. They've outlined the roads in red and teachers recommend that students follow along with their non dominant hand because it encourages memory and reading skills. From north, south, east and west, the map gives students a hands on feel to following directions. 

"This is everything all together and this is how real life is," added Croft. 

This is more than just a geography lesson for students, it also helps kids with their reading and social skills.