From the City of Reno: 

The Reno Fire Department is working to get important river safety information to the public by releasing a public service announcement (PSA). While the Reno Fire Department is still urging the general public to avoid river recreation at this time, the PSA is aimed at increasing awareness about river safety.

“Right now, we’re asking the general public NOT to float the river,” said Reno Fire Chief Dave Cochran. “However, when flows decrease later this summer, we want people to be prepared for river conditions they may not have experienced before in northern Nevada.”

The PSA conveys important public safety messages, including preparing for unpredictable river flows, wearing a personal flotation device, never going into the river alone, planning a meeting spot and avoiding drugs or alcohol.

The Truckee River is flowing about three times the normal level for this time of year and forecasters are predicting these higher-than-average flows will continue until July.

Key public safety messages include:
•    River flows are extremely fast this year and river recreation by the general public is not advised at this time.
•    Consider waiting to float or swim the Truckee River until flows subside.
•    An unprepared person entering the water may experience hypothermia within several minutes, affecting their ability to swim and make decisions, leading to drowning.
•    If you do decide to go in the river, always wear a life jacket, helmet, thermal protection and sturdy shoes for river recreation.
•    Do not drink alcohol or use drugs when boating or tubing.
•    Never go into the river alone.
•    Have a plan and a rendezvous point in case you become separated.
•    Let a friend or family member know when you plan to return.

For more information and river safety tips, please visit Reno.Gov/Fire.
From the City of Reno