After the incredible wet winter some residents in Lake Tahoe are now experiencing some flooding in their area.

One viewer sent us a video of a river overflowing and then flooding a neighborhood street, the river had been overwhelmed by the snow melt off, the flooding was so bad that it even flooded a portion of State Route 28, "The CHP was here with a light bar and the fire department and all of that cause it was flooded, I mean you had to drive very slowly through it," explains resident Bill Carithers.

Caltrans says that when events like this happen they try and keep the roads open as much as possible, unless the road is absolutely unsafe to drive, "We want people to get to work, and goods to move around, and garbage trucks and fuel trucks and emergency vehicles so it is very important we leave the roadway open no matter what," said Deanna Shoopman of Caltrans. 

Now that the river has calmed down, some residents in the area tell us that usually that river bed is empty, "I can recall one other time in the 1980's, like 1986, one time other than that it is a trickle, other times it doesn't even run," said Kris Dougin, who has owned her home in that area since the early 1970's.

Now that the weather is getting warmer, and the snow is starting to melt, some residents are concerned for the other homes in the area, "There are houses along this creek and I am always curious if it is going to flood out the houses and just yesterday this was covered in snow, so obviously it is already melting so much so faster and it is probably twice as wide as it was when we got here Friday," said Dougin.

Caltrans says that even though the weather is getting nicer, drivers should still be prepared for slick roadways, "When it is wet it is always going to be slippery and usually after the first few rains we still have oil from the cars so the road will be extra slippery so you will really need to watch it," explains Shoopman. 

Caltrans also recommends that you leave plenty of room between you and the vehicle in front of you and to always put away any distractions, such as a cellphone.