One American dies every 15 minutes from a pain killer or heroin overdose. Nevada has one of the highest opioid-related death rates in the country. 

A local drug treatment establishment, The Life Change Center, takes a comprehensive and holistic approach to help addicts on their journey to recovery. They pride themselves on their high success rate, with 65% of their patients able to stop using within the first 60 days. 

One local woman, who goes by 'Kitty,' says she owes her 3-year recovery to the center, says her addiction began when she experience severe emotional issues as a teen. She battled with her addiction for about 6 years, seeking help off and on. It was not until she found The Life Change Center that she was able to finally maintain sobriety. 

For more than 18 years, the center has helped those who are most desperate for help. The program offers counseling, closely monitored medication-assisted treatment such as methadone and provides follow-up care and other services. 

For Kitty, her counselor even helped to channel her therapy through her lifelong passion, art. 

The expertly-trained staff members encourage any suffering addicts who may feel isolated to visit the center and realize they do have support. 

The center has two locations, one in Reno and the other in Carson City. 

If you or someone you know suffers from an opiate addiction, or if you'd simply like to learn more about The Life Change Center, you can visit their website here.