The Truckee River is fast, cold and dangerous. Despite firefighters advising people to stay out, others are determined to get in. Marco Granados and Sean Kolar are long time Reno residents who know the risk, but they say with proper preparation and equipment, they can increase their safety when floating.

"I do it almost every year honestly," says Granados. "I wouldn't just go out there and do it, maybe if I was with a group of people."

"It's definitely dangerous, but the challenge is exciting," says Kolar. "Get a raft, a life vest, a helmet, a heavy pair of shoes, maybe a wetsuit and kind of go for it."

Recently, it's been easy to spot kayakers ripping through the Truckee’s rapids as well. Sage Donnelly competes with the U.S. junior’s team and says even with her 11 years of expertise, there's no such thing as being too safe.

"It's harder to get back into a calm area like it normally would be, so you have to be careful of that, make sure you're not tiring yourself out too much," says Donnelly.

In addition to endurance, Donnelly says the proper gear could mean the difference between life and death. Troy Santana with Sportsman's Warehouse says sales on water gear continues to increase, but so too is his warning to customers.

"We are getting a lot of people looking for flotation and safety equipment to better enhance, if they are willing, to take that chance of going in the water," says Santana.