Brian Sandoval’s Office says the governor this with EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt this week to discuss hard rock mining regulations and other issues important to Nevada.

“The top-down approach doesn’t always work well when formulating sensible regulations. The states are best positioned to deal with the environmental needs of their citizens,” said Administrator Pruitt about the meeting. “Governor Sandoval and the people of Nevada are our partners, who know Nevada’s environmental needs better than we do here in Washington. We will consult and meet with them often as we make decisions that impact their land, air, and water.”

“I want to thank Administrator Pruitt for a great meeting today,” said Governor Sandoval following the meeting. “We talked about important issues facing Nevada, including a rulemaking that impacts our mining industry as well as a potential Superfund site. The Administrator and his staff were fantastic. I appreciate their willingness to listen, their willingness to give us face time, and their willingness to work with us on a potential visit Nevada.”

Governor Sandoval also met with Attorney General Jeff Sessions. 

Governor Sandoval released the following statement after his meeting with United States Secretary of Energy Rick Perry today in Washington, DC. 

“While the Secretary and I do not agree on Yucca Mountain, a position I have reiterated to him in every discussion, I am grateful that he has always welcomed an open dialogue and strong relationship between the State of Nevada and Department of Energy,” said Governor Brian Sandoval. “Nevada will continue to oppose the storage of high-level nuclear waste at Yucca Mountain at every turn but I am confident that we can also work with our federal partners to develop relationships with our universities, expand a stronger mission at the Security Site, and improve cyber defense for the benefit of our state.”

The Governor's Office says Sandoval reiterated his opposition to Yucca Mountain and urged the Secretary to explore an alternative to the nation’s nuclear waste problem and the need to focus on cyber security, among other issues.