LAS VEGAS (AP) - With Congress talking about reviving a mothballed plan to entomb the nation's most radioactive waste in the desert outside Las Vegas, top state officials and most Nevada federal representatives are resuming a 35-year fight to block it.

Democratic representatives Dina Titus, Ruben Kihuen and Jacky Rosen issued statements this week denouncing efforts to restart the Yucca Mountain project, and aides said Friday each wants to testify at a hearing about the program scheduled Wednesday in Washington, D.C.

A spokesman for the House subcommittee hosting the hearing didn't immediately say whether the three will be invited to testify.

Not everyone in Nevada is opposed to the idea of a federal nuclear waste repository.

Nine counties, including the one where Yucca Mountain is located, want the federal Nuclear Regulatory Commission to finally decide if the repository should get a license to open.

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