The U.S. Attorney’s Office says a July trial date is now set for Dr. Robert Rand, who is accused of being involved in an alleged area prescription drug ring. 

His trial was scheduled to start next week, but will now start on July 25th. The Office says a motion was filed to reopen Dr. Rand’s detention hearing.

Dr. Rand was previously indicted by a federal grand jury on drug conspiracy and other charges. 

Dr. Rand, Richie West, Omar Ahmad, Braden Riley, Ryan Smith, Alan Martinez, Kathleen Griffin, Clint Bloodworth and Joshua Green were arrested on April 28, 2016 after the DEA and FBI raided the Jones-West Ford dealership and Richie West’s south Reno home in connection with an alleged drug ring. Rand was arrested one day later in San Francisco.

In February, West pleaded guilty, admitting that he was part of a conspiracy to sell prescription drugs. He will be sentenced in August.

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