Eastbound U.S. 50 in Dayton is reduced to one lane beginning this week as the Nevada Department of Transportation prepares to repair a depression in the highway.

Over recent months, NDOT has been closely monitoring the roadway, including an approximately 15-foot section of highway directly east of Dayton Valley Road which was sinking, creating dips in the driving surface. Ground-penetrating radar was used and bores of the underground surface made to evaluate the sinking section of earth underneath the roadway, potentially created by localized underground water erosion. Although there is no anticipated threat of the roadway sinking further, one eastbound lane is closed to help drivers avoid the bumpy road surface.  

In coming weeks, NDOT plans to repair the depression, potentially by injecting a specialized polyurethane solution which will automatically expand underneath the roadway to lift, reinforce and stabilize the soil. By avoiding the need to excavate, refill and repave the roadway, the repair strategy can mean less construction time and related traffic delays.

Approximately 19,000 vehicles travel the section of road every day.

(Nevada Department of Transportation contributed to this report.)