There were plenty of activities all across Northern Nevada for families to enjoy on their Easter Sunday.

Hundreds of kids gathered at Canyon Creek Park for a big community Easter Egg Dash, "The kids just run and go like crazy to grab as many eggs as they can we got 10,000 eggs this year. We quadrupled the amount we had last year," explains Marie Jackson of Grace Kids.

While some families were out hunting for Easter eggs, other families spent the day at their favorite park, "We are enjoying Rancho San Rafael park this is where we used to go for years with our yea it is like a tradition for us," said Brett Bradshaw and Paula Cole. 

Meanwhile in Boomtown, this was the first year that Cabela's was open for Easter, so they wanted to do something special. 

"We are only closed 3 days a year, Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter and now we are open on Easter so we thought lets try and do some family activities maybe a little twist on the general Easter egg hunt," said Jamie Klund. 

Cabela's had a full day of activities including an inflatable archery range, fudge decorating and they even had some eggs hidden around the store for kids to find.  

No matter what kids did today, they seemed to have fun doing it.