The Nevada Department of Transportation began their biannual bridge inspections recently.

There are about 2,000 public bridges in the state of Nevada, and NDOT inspects nearly every bridge, every two years.

On Wednesday, NDOT crews took a really good look at the Carson Freeway bridge that travels over College Parkway.

From inspecting the lights that hang from the bridge, to the superstructure carrying the primary load of all travelers, inspectors will take a look from top to bottom of more than 70 bridges from spring through summer. Meg Ragonese, the public information officer with NDOT, says their hard work is paying off.

"Our Nevada bridges are in very good condition; actually Nevada bridges have been ranked the nation’s best for the past four years," says Ragonese.

Here's what that boils down to, of the 1,163 bridges that are maintained by NDOT, only five are considered to be in poor condition.

"As the bridges begin to age there are some that what we do is we put in place rehabilitative improvements," says Ragonese.

After flooding events in January, professional underwater bridge inspectors took a look at bridges in the Truckee Meadows and Carson Valley as well. These inspectors looked for erosion or any flood related damage on or beneath the bridges, but overall no major damage or imminent safety concerns were found.

The biannual inspections are payed for by the state, but then reimbursed with federal funds. NDOT spent a total of nearly $17 million the last two years on bridge preservation , while future costs are expected to remain below $18 million a year.