The Washoe County School Board voted Tuesday night to submit a tentative budget to the Nevada Department of Taxation without completely filling its $40 million deficit.

While the final budget does have to be balanced, for now, trustees are leaving part of it unresolved.
"As we work out of the ability to solve this problem without impacting the schools, then we have to start making tougher decisions," District Chief Financial Officer Tom Ciesynski said. "In terms of, 'Do we increase class sizes, or do we start doing some other things that could help us balance the budget?'"

Ciesynski originally had suggested increasing class sizes by one or two students, which would save the district upwards of $12 million a year, but the board instead decided to reduce central services and find additional savings in this current fiscal year.

That still leaves a $10 million hole, so the board asked staff to look at a two percent cut across the board, to see how that would impact schools.

In the meantime, they're asking for patience as they work it all out.

"We certainly understand the frustration," Ciesynski said, "and we are frustrated too. This is a painful process. This is a battle we've been fighting for about 10 years, and so our goal is to try to minimize this, try and get this deficit issue behind us."

The final budget has to be approved by the beginning of June, but the district is still hoping that the state legislature might come through with some extra funding so they can avoid some of the cuts in the final version.

To see the list of potential cuts, click here.

Alice Smith, Double Diamond and Spanish Springs Elementary Schools will all be on the Multi-Track, Year-Round calendar next year, according to votes from the Washoe County School Board of Trustees.

Each school was voted on as a separate item and the votes are below.

•         Alice Smith Elementary, vote was 5-1. Trustee Scott Kelley opposed. Trustee Malena Raymond was absent.

•         Spanish Springs Elementary, vote was 3-3. Trustees Veronica Frenkel, Angela Taylor and John Mayer supported MTYR. Trustees Katy Simon-Holland, Scott Kelley and Debra Feemster opposed. Raymond was absent. Vote was tied so policy dictates school will remain on MTYR. 

•         Double Diamond Elementary, vote was 5-1. Trustee Scott Kelley opposed. Trustee Malena Raymond was absent.