This winter will go down on the record books as one of the biggest snow packs we've seen since they began taking records. On Monday, hydrologists were on the mountain taking the latest snow pack readings, and they are impressive. 

There's been so much snow here this season they've had to add extra feet of piping to the snow measuring equipment.  After taking measurements on Monday, scientists say it's a record. 
Jeff Anderson, a Hydrologist said, "The Mt. Rose Ski Area Snowtel site, we are setting an all time record for snow water back to the fall of 1979, when this site first went in. We've never seen the amount of water that is in the snow pack, we've never seen it before."

All of our Sierra Basins have seen more than 200 percent of average snow pack and water content so far this season and we could see more snow later this week. 

So far, more than 61 feet has fallen at the Mt. Rose Ski Area, the most snow they have ever recorded.

Hydrologists say if you were to melt all the snow pack at once it would equal more than seven feet of water. About flooding risks...experts say we shouldn't see any major flooding as long as there is - a slow and steady melt off, but the risk is still there. 

Dave Wathen, the Chief Deputy Water Master said, "If we happen to have a really big rain on snow event that could be a different issue completely, a different scenario and potentially flooding."

Area reservoirs are filling up fast, and the water master is releasing water now to make room for all the snow run off this spring and summer.  

Anderson says, "This is definitely across the Tahoe Basin, this is one of the handful biggest years. 1982, 1983, 1969, 1952, those were big years that stand out and we are neck and neck with any of those big years."