Extensive flood mitigation measures are currently taking place all across the North Valleys.

On Thursday, a few dozen men with the Nevada Division of Forestry and Reno Public Works shifted rocks alongside the banks of a canal in Stead in order to create a solid surface where they could lay several truckloads of sandbags.

Marnell Heinz, the maintenance and operations manager with Reno Public Works, says the goal of these efforts is to keep water inside the channel and off the roads of an industrial center in Stead, where hundreds of people work every day.

"This industrial park is running 24 hours a day, seven days a week, you have a lot of jobs at stake so to convey traffic and truck traffic is very important for us and that's basically what we're trying to do," says Heinz.

Typically, flooding wouldn't be an issue in the area since the channels are designed to drain water into Silver Lake, however that hasn't been the case in 2017.

“The height of Silver Lake now they're actually getting back waters into these channels so there's areas that are low lying that have a high probability of flooding," says Heinz.

With yet another atmospheric river on the way, laying down sandbags won't be enough storm preparation around the city. Reno Public Works has dozens of other men working around the clock to complete additional flood mitigation efforts as well.

"We're continually cleaning storm drains; we're going around cleaning all of the grates on all of the bar screens that are on the ditches," says Heinz. "We have crews prepared to switch over from flood response to snow removal as well."

Here's a list of 24 hour sandbag locations that are available in the area:

The old Moana swimming pool at 240 W. Moana Lane. The Nevada Peace Officers Memorial at Idlewild Park. At Moya Boulevard in Stead, at the intersections of Red Baron, Echo and Lear.