If you like all things 50’s, you’re probably a fan of rockabilly. This genre of music is an early style that mashed rock 'n roll with country and rhythm and blues.

Dating back to the early 1950's, the rockabilly lifestyle continues to attract people to this day, including here in Northern Nevada.

On a windy Reno day we met with Team Rumble at the Sands, where the group will host a show in May. Half the parking lot is dotted with classic cars and motorcycles, rumbling away. The guys are sporting leather jackets and slicked back hair. For the gals it’s red lipstick with their hair done up in vintage curls and swirls. For this group, it's not just a style - it's a way of life.

It might be the classic cars that grab your attention, or the can't-help-but-get-you-moving music… or maybe it's the glamorous pin-up girls, but there's no way a rockabilly gathering doesn't at least pique your curiosity. 

Faustine Flamm said the lifestyle lured her in a few years ago. "...the hairstyles, feeling good, feeling pretty, the time you take to get ready - all the people you meet - and the dancing, it's just really feel good,” she tells us.

And it's family friendly. The members of Team Rumble in Reno even bring their kids to rockabilly events. "We live it as much as we can,” Jena Allison tells us with a big smile, “We embrace the lifestyle and we're trying to bring it back into the community."

"A lot of us, we have that old school mentality, so we're very polite. We're a good group of people," explains Kody Valera.

This may, Team Rumble wants to share the lifestyle they love with northern Nevada. Faustine Flamm and Kody Valera are co-producing "Reno Rumble" a rockabilly show at the Sands.

There will be something for everyone. "Definitely a lot of cars, motorcycles, music, dancing - pinups, of course" says Flamm. "We are preserving Americana...the museum curators of this entire culture. We're keeping this going for all the little ones, all the kids and future generations,” says Kody

The May 13th event will be held in the parking lot of the Sands in Reno. There will be traditional rockabilly music and dancing, classic cars, motorcycles plus a pin up pageant.

Flamm, a pin-up girl herself, explains; "You know you go back to burlesque starts like Dita Von Teese, you know, to Marilyn Monroe to Betty Grable. There's a bunch of different styles of pins up, people that love to model for this culture specifically."

Jena also models as a pin-up girl. "I always do my makeup the same. If I have the time to wear the outfits, if they're not too constricting, I will definitely wear them because I feel beautiful in them as well."

Jena  and Faustine together run the Burnout Betties clothing company. The name “Burnout Betty” is a nod to the women who flag cars during drag races, which these gals also do.

It’s really quite simple, says Kody; "We love to have fun, we love America, we love everything that this stands for."

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