Reno City Mayor Hillary Schieve is facing some competition in the 2018 election.

Brandon Siri announced on Tuesday that he will be running for Reno City Mayor next year.

Siri said in a statement this will be a historic election for the Biggest Little City and will help to determine the city’s future.

Read Siri’s full statement below:

“It is with great enthusiasm and excitement to announce that I am running for Reno Mayor. I am grateful for the early support I have received from family and friends, and optimistic and energized by the outpouring of support I am receiving from the business community. This will be a historic election as Reno turns 150 years old, and will be pivotal in determining the future of Reno.”

“My campaign exists to see a fundamental shift in the city management of Reno. Proactive leadership with a focus on safe communities, economic development, affordable housing, and smart stewardship of resources. My campaign is a community lead effort to get Reno on the right track.”

Siri is a 4th generation Reno resident. He is not a career politician, nor does he intend to be one. This is his first time running for office. He is a local businessman with a broad set of leadership experience in the following successful local industries: technology manufacturing, data centers, gaming, insurance, safety equipment manufacturing, and hydration solution engineering. His full résumé can be found on the website below.

Mayor Schieve responded to the announcement with the following statement:

"I think it's great to have individuals getting involved in our democracy, especially on our local level. Wonderful to see our residents engaged in the process."